Digi-Key Part No.s for Molex 41791-03 and Molex 41791-04

I am a newb getting ready to replace a 40+ year old power supply with a Mean Well PD-25A.

I am looking for the Digi-Key part numbers for the Molex connectors (Molex 41791-03 and Molex 41791-04) or cable assemblies that will fit these input and output connectors.

I am very intimidated by the search feature and the myriad of filters to choose from and do not know where to begin.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key , Mating connectors are WM2101-ND and WM2102-ND , Contacts are WM2300-ND , Crimp tools are WM9999-ND or WM17554-ND
we do not have any premade cable assemblies to offer for these.

Thank you very much!