Molex crimp tool for pin 0430300007

The Molex connector pin is 0430300007 (Digi-Key Part Number WM1837-ND). Is the correct crimp tool the Molex 2133094900 (Digi-Key Part Number 900-2133094900-ND)? It seems to be correct, just want to double-check since the tool is $356. Thanks.


I do not see that tool listed on the Molex website. The part number I see listed is part number 0640160201 for the crimp tool. Here is the link on our website:

This one is more cost effectice and for sure this is listed to be used with that contact terminal.

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Hi @ejohnson,

0640160201 as Verna_1353 stated above will work. As another option, if you need a higher quality Premium Grade tool WM9022-ND would also be an excellent choice. These are non-stock currently, but looks like it will ship out next week.

Also, Insertion Tool WM4789-ND and Extraction Tool WM9937-ND are recommended.

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