Need part number

What is the part number for the premium crimper to replace the service crimper part # 640160201

Hello Xilix,
Molex does have premium crimp tools. If you have the part number of the contacts that you are crimping this will help to make sure we can get you the correct tool for the contacts.

The contacts I am using are Molex:




These would be considered a Premium style crimp tool.

The crimp tool for the part 16-02-0097 will be the Crimp Tool 0638258800 from Molex. Digi-Key part number WM10405-ND

I am sorry, but 43030-009 did not work. I believe it should be 43030-0009.
With these contacts the crimp tool will be Molex part 0638190000. Digi-Key part number WM9022-ND