Installation Instructions for Amphenol 222114 F Bulkhead Crimp Jack

I have purchased a number of Amphenol 222114 F bulkhead crimp jacks from DigiKey. I have downloaded Amphenol document 222114-10.DWG. That document references “2 CONTACT PIN TO SOLDER” however there is no call-out for “2” on the drawing, and no “contact pin” - other than the one installed in the jack. There is no clear way to attach the center conductor of the RG-179 coaxial cable to this pin.

Please let me know where I can find actual installation instructions for this jack. My searches at DigiKey and Amphenol have found nothing.

Thanks much for any assistance you can offer.

I am checking on this and will post as soon as I get an answer.

-Crimp Coaxial Insert.pdf (40.5 KB).url|attachment (214 Bytes)

Hello again Narcoossee,
Thank you for your patience.
This is the response from the manufacture.

“I received this request from a customer also, and am also replying to him directly. The generic instructions for this type of assembly are attached. A Coaxial Insert is displayed, but 222114 is a similar design.”