Intel EK-10M08E144 MAX ®10 Evaluation Kit No blinking

The MAX ®10 Evaluation Kit, EK-10M08E144 from Intel is an entry-level board for evaluating the MAX10 FPGA technology. When this board is powered on, LEDs D1 through D5 just turn on without any blinking.


However, when looking at its user guide, many customers see that LEDs D1 to D5 on this board should blink. Are there any settings missing on the board?

This is normal. When new out of the box, the indicating configuration scheme is set to FPP(Fast Passive Parallel) Configuration; the PFL (Parallel Flash Loader) tries to configure the FPGA by reading a program file from flash attached to the PFL. If you are not using FPP configuration, just simply ignore the LEDs, however if you use FPP, then program the flash device with your desired program file for FPP configuration; this can be accomplished with your own configuration or the factory test configuration.