IR1 Series Gas Sensors

I have been looking around at the datasheets for the IR1 gas sensors, but I can’t tell how what kind of data acquisition is available? Also, I would like to know if it is possible to program these sensors to turn on and off automatically? I plan to do gas diffusion measurements which can take hours so remote logging is necessary. Also, I want to avoid generating heat, so being able to have the sensor turn on every half hour for only 10 seconds to log the data for a few hours is desirable. Are these sensors capable of this?


I believe the IR-EK2 is the development kit intended for use with those sensors. That may be useful.

These sensors are not self-contained, in the sense that their output is not really suited for use without some additional signal processing, which it appears the manufacturer expects people to procure for themselves, evaluation board aside. Analog Devices has a nice application note on the topic, the reference section of which points to the SGX application notes alluded to in their datasheet, but which I couldn’t find on their website.

As for periodic operation, the datasheet does specify a warm-up time, which would limit such use depending on the degree of accuracy you desire to maintain.