Circuit board for NH3 sensor

Please help to recommend a Digikey circuit board where I can insert the NH3 sensor (SGX-4NH3T4464673) and obtain the scaled output signal with a USB cable connected to a computer? Thank you.

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Click here for 1782-1029-ND.
This is a Developement board for the SGX sensors, and it has a USB interface.
Please check the datasheet to verify compatibility to your application.

Thank you very much, David. Is SGX-4NH3 a infrared sensor?

No; the working principle of the SGX-4NH3 is electrochemical in nature.

Does that mean the IR-EK2 evaluation kit won’t work with SGX-4NH3? Thank you.

The IR-EK2 datasheet just says it works with SGX Infrared Gas Sensors, so it appears it would not work with that sensor. I do not see an eval board for that specific sensor. Maybe one of the engineers may know if that board would work or not.

The ECVQ-EK3 would appear to be the proper evaluation platform for SGX electrochemical sensors.