Is Loctite GC 10 SAC305 obsolete?

Noted on the digikey site that GC 10 SAC305 solder paste is marked obsolete. This paste is spectacular, so I find it really hard to believe its obsolete. But, I am also finding it difficult to find elsewhere. Is it really obsolete? is there a replacement? or recommended alternative?

here is the obsolete notice

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Thanks for the info, its helpful. but its not an obsolescence notification. Its a notification of sale of the manufacturing facility to Harima. It just indicates that you/we should be buying GC 10 from Harima. Does Digikey plan to do that?

I am sorry for taking so long answering I just got back into the office, yes LOCTITE GC 10 will be taken over by another company. we may or may not carry product from them so far I have no indication we have a signed contract with them.

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GC 10 SAC305

Assuming that you can’t find GC 10 SAC305 solder paste, I might suggest you check out these possibilities. Just skimming the specs, these appear to have similar properties, though I would recommend a thorough examination before using as a substitute.