Is Pulse inductor PE-51512NL washable?

Confirmed by the manufacturer Pulse Electronics, PE-51512NL can be cleaned using an aqueous wash process.

Applicable parts
MFR# DigiKey#
PE-51506NL 553-1665-ND
PE-51507NL 553-1801-5-ND
PE-51508NL 553-1723-ND
PE-51509NL 553-1724-ND
PE-51510NL PE-51510NL-ND
PE-51511NL PE-51511NL-ND
PE-51512NL 553-1802-5-ND
PE-51513NL PE-51513NL-ND
PE-51514NL 553-1803-5-ND
PE-51515NL 553-1804-5-ND
PE-51516NL 553-1877-ND
PE-51517NL 553-1688-ND
PE-51518NL 553-1689-ND
PE-51520NL 553-1550-ND