Is the VC-02 reprogrammable

I have been testing these units and I have flashed the programmable firmware a single time, but after a power reset they appear to not be reprogrammable. I would like to verify before continuing development.

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I am checking on this. Will post when I have an answer for you.

This excerpt was taken from the spec sheet:

VC-02-Kit has two methods for firmware upgrade , JTAG debugger program and serial port
:black_medium_square: JJTAG debugger uses VC series dedicated JTAG debugger, Jlink series debugger are not
supported,The firmware file name being used is:uni_app_release.bin
:black_medium_square: Serial port program is USB program mode (module requires external TTL to USB
module access to TX1 and RX1), the firmware file name being used must be
uni_app_release_update.bin (cannot rename for ‘uni_app_release.bin’), make sure to use
the “ update” instruction to compile.

If you read bullet point 2 the firmware must have a specific name. Nothing in the spec sheet says the part is OTP, which should be specified, otherwise it should be reprogrammable.

I’ll keep looking.

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Here is the response from the supplier – this should help them with their inquiry.

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