Is there a recommended controller for Wakefield thermoelectric cooler?

Specifically, is there a recommended thermal controller or thermostat for the air-to-air Wakefield Thermal thermoelectric cooler assembly, m/n: TEMA-AA-50-24?
My application is an outdoor equipment enclosure.

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I do not see that there is a recommended controller for TEMA-AA-50-24 from the manufacture.

Yes. Thanks. I also couldn’t see anything from them, but thought I’d ask since they seemed to refer technical questions to Digi-Key. There’s really very little description of the control options in the datasheet. e.g., can one even use PWM controllers with these devices?


From what I am seeing online PWM is a method of driving these.
One blurb I saw suggested to use an inductor in series to smooth out the PWM signal.

I also found the below item from Analog. I would recommend looking it over.
MAX1978 Integrated Temperature Controllers for Peltier Modules | Analog Devices

Thanks, Nathan. There is a lot out there on controlling the modules (TEMs), but it seems to me there should be something that pairs specifically with a TEC assembly. (i.e., two fans + TEM(s)).
e.g., AIRODYN ADC-48-450-U (DigiKey 2985-ADC-48-450-U-ND)

Looks like this can handle 2 fans. If you decide to use this, please let us know how this works out for you.

The controller mentioned would appear to be a viable option for the unit in question. I suspect however, that it’s fairly common for folks buying a TEM assembly to simply connect a voltage source of the nominal rated value and accept whatever performance/behavior results.

Maintaining a specific temperature set point or optimizing performance is a bit more involved, and calls for building a thermal model of the system. While the particulars will differ from one instance to the next, the concepts are pretty much the same regardless of what module one chooses.

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