Is there any equivalent for these Voltage Regulators?

Hello. I need two different voltage regulators that I can’t find anywhere. These are:

KIA7805AF ( KIA7805AF datasheet )

KIA7905F ( KIA7905F datasheet )

Is there any other equivalent to these voltage regulators that would meet same size and specifications? I’m dealing with 5v and -5v on a SONY HCD-SHAKE5.

Thanks in advance.

The 78xx and 79xx series regulators are more or less generic, with comparable devices made by numerous manufacturers. L7805CDT-TR would be an option in stock at the moment for the positive side, but the 79xx in the D-PAK format will likely be harder to source; there’s options in the larger D2PAK to be had, but very little in the smaller package, here or elsewhere; a workaround might be to use an adjustable LM337 and fly-wire the necessary feedback resistors in, but those are hard to find also given the present chip shortage.

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Thanks. Would be ordering some of those. I will look for the other one in my pile of donors.