Alternative to LM7856 voltage regulator?

I’ve been working on a # of receivers lately, and it seems many of them use the LM78xx series voltage regulators, but one of the one’s I am looking for does not seem to be listed on DigiKey… DigiKey also does not even list a 5.6v in the “narrow search results” as an option.
The originals are JRC (Japan Radio):

The only “5.6v” I managed to find on Digikey was this:

I have no idea if this would work as an alternative since I can’t seem to find an actual real LM7856 data sheet as most of them are just general LM78xx data sheets with charts of various LM78’s but no 56 listed.

LT1585A is an outrageously expensive 5A adjustable voltage regulator so you’ll need to add parts to use it where a fixed voltage regulator was used. The DigiKey page says it has a maximum of 5.6V for the adjustment range (data sheet says it’s 5.75).

The 78xx series are fixed voltage 1A regulators so you also save a lot of cost by not using a 5A substitute circuit.

If you do go the adjustable route, I’d recommend the venerable LM317 as a lower cost alternative.