RE: L7805CV and Voltage Regulators/Seth



I have a 78M05 voltage regulator on a L298N dual h-bridge board. It is fully operational board that I received from I think they are in Italy.

Anyway…I am using KiCad w/ setting up the L298N your company has listed on your .lib resources.

I am projecting an Open Source board, BeagleBone Black, w/ my Motor Driver to set up wiring to make it easy for people to view what I have done. This idea, in turn, may make it easier for people who are starting out and need visual aid to support theory.


P.S. I looked for 78M05 and found many similar but was not wanting to jump on these particular items b/c of naming/labeling alone. If this is incorrect and you have similar voltage regulators w/ specific names like the 78M05 that is just listed differently, I may accept it but if you have the exact form/shape.


The 78xXX series linear regulators are a multi-source, industry standard device. The last two digits usually indicate a fixed output voltage value, the middle character usually a current limit/capacity.

Variations in Mfr. P/Ns will exist due to necessity of distinguishing products and some performance/functional issues among offerings do exist. To a first approximation however, the products from various manufacturers are interchangeable, and this is often reflected by use of a generic/incomplete P/N in a bill of materials. Put differently, any of these should work in an application calling for a 78M05.


Hello Mr. Rick,

Seth here. I see what you typed out and it is simple terms. Thank you. I think I can find something on Digi-Key’s library on the KiCad service I downloaded. The KiCad application has some 78xXX linear regulators on the update I made to add Digi-Key’s library.

Anyway…thank you.


P.S. I should be able to look over the info. you have provided again for future ideas.