Regulator replacement - MC7805CTQNE813

Im somewhat over my head and wondering if anyone is able to please tell me which compatible regulator currently on sale can replace this… MC7805CTQNE813 It comes from a 1980s CD player

Any help is really appreciated thanks

Hello George, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
We do stock a version of the MC7805CT part, which is MC7805CT-BPMS-ND.
We have these in stock, and you can purchase these down to 1 piece.

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Thanks alot David, I wont pretend to be tech savy so please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but are they identical in terms of spec like ampage and volts?
Thanks again!

Hello George,

Unfortunately I am not able to find a datasheet for the QNE813 variant so we cannot know for sure. Typically the suffixes of the part numbers indicate special packaging and the material from which it is made of, however without documentation all we can do is speculate. Usually base part numbers have the same electrical specifications, but without measurements only the manufacturer can say for certain. My apologies, but that is the best I can offer at this time.



It should be comparable. The QNE813 would deal with the assembly location Lot code and Date code. The 813 would be a date ending with 8, like 1988, and the 13 is week 13, so sometime in April.
I believe the original one was rated for 35V max input, with a 1A max output @ 5V.
The number I offered is 35V max input, with a 1.5A max output @ 5V. So it is a better part, and should operate the same.

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Thanks David you are a star

MC7805 is just one of many variations of the generic 7805 3 terminal regulators.

The probability is close to 100% that any part in the same package marked 78xx, regardless of prefix and suffix or other package marks, is a direct substitute for any other brand of 78xx. It’s one of the most generic integrated circuits ever sold. (xx = voltage)