ISO replacement hycal temp/humidity sensor for hatchrite incubator

We have several Hatchrite incubators and they are having temp& humidity issues. I’m looking for a replacement temp/humidity sensor. The original ones were made by HyCal, part number 900-1155.
Any suggestions as to a replacement ? I can post pics if needed

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HyCal appears to have been acquired by Honeywell in the 90’s, and I’d be quite skeptical about the prospects for products from that era being an item that’s still in production.

There are a lot of environmental sensors available though and a lot of breakout boards made for them, with some examples here. It’d take some work, but a person might possibly adapt one of those to get the job done, or just start from scratch and build a new control system.


Definitely contact Honeywell and ask them directly.

Many of the dozens of sensor product lines that Honeywell purchased since the 90’s are still available but with new Honeywell part numbers (and often a 10x price increase).


Leaning towards doing that , either with arduino or incubator kit thingy i ran across the other day :confused:

1st contact attempt unsuccessful. Considering another