ITT Cannon 2D Series "F0" Suffix (contacts sold separate)

The “F0” modifier on this part number specifies that the connector is provided without contacts, however then the datasheet states that contaacts are provided in bulk form.
So which is it, do these connectors come with or without contacts?

Hello @santiagoNSROC,

Yes it appears they would be sold separately and should be listed on page D86-D87 of the catalog. Unfortunately we don’t have that page listed. I have contacted my product manager for ITT and will get that information to you as soon as possible.

Thank You

Hello @santiagoNSROC,

I have spoken with the Product Manager for ITT previously, he got back to me with an answer from ITT:

“The customer is correct that the “F0” modification code means that contacts are not supplied with the connector and would need to be ordered separately. Remove the “F0” from the part number and they would come with contacts.”

Here is a list of the contacts if you want to order them seperately.

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Copy that, the issue is that Digikey does not seem to sell part # “2DB52P-F173”
I think I’ll order the pins separate 031-9540-000-ND