JETSTREAM JTPS50A Cross Reference

We don’t carry JETSTREAM or part number JTPS50A. We do have a similar AC DC Converter with screw terminals instead of the Anderson connector connection that is rated for 12VDC @ 50A. Please consider the alternative below.



Digi-Key Part Number 1866-4478-ND
Manufacturer MEAN WELL USA Inc.
Manufacturer Product Number SE-600-12
Detailed Description Enclosed AC DC Converters 1 Output 12V @ 50A, Input 90 ~ 132 VAC, 180 ~ 264 VAC, 254 ~ 370 VDC Input
Size / Dimension 9.72" L x 5.00" W x 2.50" H (247.0mm x 127.0mm x 63.5mm)

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