JNR 10S100L similar

Hello everyone,

Excuse me for my English, I use a translator. So sorry in advance for the mistakes.

I can’t translate the forum well.
I’m just looking for component equivalent.

Currently, I am looking for a “10S100L” thermistor.
What can you recommend me similar?

And in general, if someone can explain to me how we find an equivalent to a component.

thank you in advance to anyone who will participate

Bonjour à tous,

Excusez moi pour mon anglais, j’utilise un traducteur. Donc pardon d’avance pour les fautes.

Je n’arrive pas à bien traduire le forum.
Je suis juste à la recherche d’équivalent de composant.

Actuellement, je recherche un thermistor “10S100L”.
Que pouvez vous me conseiller en similaire ?

Et d’une manière générale, si quelqu’un peut m’expliquer comment on trouve un équivalent à un composant.

merci d’avance à toute personne qui participera

I found a data sheet and searched by parameters.
B57234S0100M051 is the closest I found.
The diameter is 15mm instead of 10mm and the Tolerance is ±20% instead of ±15%.

Here’s another option: B57235S0100M051
This is also 20% tolerance, rather than 15%, but it is 9.5mm diameter.

Regarding your question of how to find an equivalent, one must start with data on the original part. If you can’t find that, it will be difficult to find similar products. In this case, Googling “10S100L thermistor” produced a link to the datasheet (a portion of which are shown below):

Then, on our website, one can search the term “Inrush Current Limiters” and get to that category.

Once there, if you need the part right away, I would recommend checking the “In Stock” and “Exclude Marketplace” boxes.


Next, filter for characteristics, starting with the most import one (probably maximum current, in this case) and click the “Apply All” button between each additional characteristic. To improve the odds of finding a reasonable option, you probably would want to add a range of values to the filter, such as selecting current ratings of 3A to 4A (since the 10S100L is rated for up to 3A).


Next, I would filter for devices with similar room temperature resistance, which we list as “R @ 25°C”. The 10S100L is rated for 10 Ohms, so I would select values near this, such as 8 to 12 Ohms, which will result in similar inrush currents when your device is turned on.


Next, assuming space is somewhat limited in your device, I would select for devices of similar size (10mm in your case) so I would highlight the following:


At this point, I get 7 results, and looking at them, the B57235S0100M051 most closely matches the specs of your part.

Well, thank you very much for taking the time to explain to me. And so, the screenshots that are a big help. I understand better from the datasheet, how to find a similar component. Thanks again for the entries. :smiling_face:

I don’t know if there is a mode but I am therefore closing this topic. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: