JQX-115F Cross Reference

Looking to replace the JQX-115F 12VDC 8A relay for a low voltage landscape lighting power supply. Tried cross referencing but could not seem to find one that is within specs. Any help is greatly appreciated. I also attached a datasheet for reference.
JQX-115F.pdf (116.4 KB)


We need more information to see if we have an alternate to offer.
Do you have the full part number? We need to know the wiring diagram, and how many pins are on the bottom. Or can you use any of the options listed on your datasheet?

Thank you for the quick reply. I have attached images of the part in question.

Thank you again!

Check and see if the following relay would work for you:

PR21-12V-400-2C CUI Devices | Relays | DigiKey


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I believe that would do it. Going to order a few of them because it appears I may be fixing more down the road (power supply heating issues). Thank you again for your help. It is greatly appreciated!