Judco switch Lincoln Mark VII overhead console

Hello, I’m trying to find the correct replacement JUDCO switches for my 1988 Lincoln Mark VII overhead console part # E5LB-63519B42-CE. Ford used two JUDCO switches for both overhead lights that operated each with on/off push buttons. Both lights came on when you opened either door and when you turned on interior lights from the dash. The switches are black top with red, black, white wires and white bottom plunger. I appreciate any help. Thankyou

Hello ron_gto,

Could you provide some photos of the switch? Also, what are the dimensions of the panel the switch fits into?



Hello Jeff, thanks for getting back to me, here are a few photo’s of the JUDCO switch and the console it is in. The switch’s operate map lights for the driver and the passenger with on/off buttons. Both lights also illuminate when a door is open or when the interior switch on the dashboard is activated, both switches in the off position. I hope this helps. Thankyou

Hi ron_gto,

Did the switches have a mode where you could prevent the map lights from turning on even when the door was opened or the dashboard switch was turned on? So, in other words, did it have an override mode where nothing but the switch itself would control when the lights turned on?

Depending on how it functioned one of these could possibly be a match:

  • 40-4169-00 On-On type. Either circuit A or B is always On. If lights have no override mode as described above, then this is likely it.

  • 40-3657-00 On-Off-On type. Three modes - circuit A only On, both Off, circuit B only On. This is how it would likely operate if it has override mode where it would not turn on with door opening.

  • 40-3658-01 On-On-On-Off type. Circuit A only On, both circuits A&B On, only circuit B On, both A&B Off. This is least likely in my mind.

No Jeff, with the doors closed you could only turn on the driver or passenger side light with the corresponding switch, when you open the door or turn on the dashboard switch all the interior lights illuminate If you push the button the lamp seems to get a bit brighter but you cannot turn off either lamp. I hope this info. helps, thankyou.

I believe that switch should be the first switch David provided, Judco 40-4169-00.

Thankyou both for your help, I will order the switches Saturday.