Wrong Switch?

Twice I ordered and received a Judco Switch Mfg#40-4313-00 that didn’t push on and push off. It only pushes on. The switch looks identical and has the same markings as my broken switch. Have I ordered the wrong part number? If so, what pat number should I order?

Hello Vecman!

Welcome to the Tech Forum! It looks like 40-4313-00 is an off-momentary switch, so it will only be “on” when pushed in, and off when not pushed. How are you wanting your switch to function? Is it supposed to stay on when you press the button, then turn off when you press it again? If you have any photos of the markings on the original switch that would also help.

Yes, stay on when button is pushed and turn off when button is pushed again. the dimensions and marking on the 40-4313-00 are identical to my old bad switch.

Alright, it is possible that the series has all the same markings. I was able to locate 40-3145-01 as an on/off version in the same series as 40-4313-00, and the main difference is a higher current rating on 40-3145-01.

I’ll order the the 40-3145-01 switch. That should solve my problem. Thanks so much for your help.