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Trying to find info on one part in particular. EG5932-ND. Spst push button switch. Does this part lock each time you push the button? Thus going on off on off with four individual push motions? Or does it go on when you push it and back off when you let go?

Part number PS1023BBLK refers to the OFF-ON type which “locks” each time you push it. The latter type is “momentary” where it holds a position as long as you push the button, and then reverts back to the original position when you let go. Depending on which site you are on, or which manufacturer made the switch, you may see descriptions for momentary types as (random examples) OFF-MOM, OFF-(ON), etc. The MOM = Momentary, and the parentheses are often used to indicate a momentary function.

Here is the part number guide for this PS1023 series. The momentary type would be PS1023A.

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When researching/searching switches on the Digi-Key website, the key specs I look at to know if a switch is momentary are circuit & switch function.

The circuit for a momentary switch will specify either NO or NC (normally open/closed) e.g. SPST-NO. Switch function will show as ??-Mom e.g. Off-Mom (normally open). If those designations are not present it is not a momentary switch.

This does get confused with the real odd ball switches that have many poles and NO plus NC configurations for the poles. Those can’t have a clean switch function description so may not show Mom. Although generally those are very expensive special purpose switches that need a very careful reading of their data sheet and drawings. e.g.

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