Looking for a MOM-off-MOM switch


I have been looking at the following product 100SP4T1B1M2QEH

It is under the switch function of MOM-OFF-MOM

Can you just confirm the switch will do the following:

It will sit naturally in the center position of OFF, and when toggled up or down, it will make momentary contact to one of the poles, but upon release it will then automatically (spring back) return too the Center OFF position?

Many thanks!

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Yes that is how it operates.

We use the solder lug (M1) version of that part in our 5 year warranty products where I work. It’s an excellent, attractive, reliable and, compact toggle selector switch.


Hi Tom2,

Thank you for your inquiry.

As PaulHutch indicated, Mom-Off-Mom stands for Momentary-Off-Momentary.

It momentarily switches when actuated and will return to the default position when the actuation force is removed.

This is opposed to an On-Off-On switch which would latch, or stay in the position it has been moved to.

On switch datasheets often you see the Momentary terminology written in shorthand where parentheses signify the spring return.

Example: (On)-Off-(On) would also mean a switch that spring returns to the center from either direction.

Thank you both for your swift and helpful response!

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