Kaga KTPS24-MP Series AC/DC Adapter Cord Length

The KTPS24-MP series from Kaga Electronics are 24-watt DoE Level VI wall-mount adapters. If you order one, please be aware that the cord length is 1000mm.

KTPS24-XXXYYMP-VI-ZP = 1000mm length

XXX =Output Voltage
YY = Output Current
Z = AC input plug
P = Output Connector


This is listed on the parts’ datasheet.

Previously these devices had cords 1500mm in length. This was for the Level V version of the part, the manufacturer needed to go to the shorter cable for Level VI.

Applicable part numbers
62-1249-ND KTPS24-12020MP-VI-P1
62-1266-ND KTPS24-05040MP-VI-P2
62-1248-ND KTPS24-09025MP-VI-P1
62-1267-ND KTPS24-12020MP-VI-P2
62-1250-ND KTPS24-24010MP-VI-P1
62-1247-ND KTPS24-05040MP-VI-P1
KTPS24-12020MP-VI-P1-NA-ND KTPS24-12020MP-VI-P1-NA
KTPS24-48005MP-VI-P1-ND KTPS24-48005MP-VI-P1
KTPS24-05940MP-VI-P1-ND KTPS24-05940MP-VI-P1
KTPS24-07530MP-VI-P2-ND KTPS24-07530MP-VI-P2
KTPS24-15016MP-VI-P2-ND KTPS24-15016MP-VI-P2
KTPS24-07030MP-VI-P2-ND KTPS24-07030MP-VI-P2
KTPS24-09025MP-VI-P2-ND KTPS24-09025MP-VI-P2
KTPS24-07530MP-VI-P1-ND KTPS24-07530MP-VI-P1
KTPS24-05940MP-VI-P2-ND KTPS24-05940MP-VI-P2
KTPS24-07030MP-VI-P1-ND KTPS24-07030MP-VI-P1
KTPS24-24010MP-VI-P2-ND KTPS24-24010MP-VI-P2
KTPS24-15016MP-VI-P1-ND KTPS24-15016MP-VI-P1
KTPS24-48005MP-VI-P2-ND KTPS24-48005MP-VI-P2

In case that is a bit short for customers, GlobTek power adapters in Level VI efficiency usually run 1.2-1.8 Meters. And due to intelligent design and forethought, we can do longer like 2, 3, and sometimes 4 meters upon request. Customers may ask Digikey for special configurations of GlobTek power supplies and many items have minimum order quantities as low as 50 units.

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