Kernel .config EXTRA_FIRMWARE

Kernel 4.19.106-bone49. The kernel .config file has an EXTRA_FIRMWARE setting that contains "
(am335x-pm-firmware.elf am335x-bone-scale-data.bin am335x-evm-scale-data.bin am43x-evm-scale-data.bin).
I found these files in the 4.19.106 kernel/firmware folder. The stable 5.11.10 kernel does not have a firmware folder or the above files.

I have a custom board using an Octavo Systems OSD3358-BAS SoC. I am trying to build the stable 5.11.10 kernel and I am not sure if I need the firmware files.
Who created the .elf and .bin files?
What is the purpose of the files?
What setting in the kernel .config requires the EXTRA_FIRMWARE entry to be populated with the firmware files?

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TI did, here is the source and blobs:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-v4.1.y

Firmware that runs on the Cortex-M3 for power managment.

# Firmware loader
CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="am335x-pm-firmware.elf am335x-bone-scale-data.bin am335x-evm-scale-data.bin am43x-evm-scale-data.bin"

Better Readme: Gitweb @ Texas Instruments - Open Source Git Repositories - - processor-firmware/ti-amx3-cm3-pm-firmware.git/blob - README