How is Linux on ARM defconfig created?

For my question, please use the Linux Kernel Longterm 4.19.x build defconfig as an example.

The Linux on ARM BeagleBoard Longterm 4.19.x build defconfig does not closely match the defconfig files generated by any other BeagleBoard Linux baseline I recently tried (e.g.

How was the Linux on ARM BeagleBoard Longterm 4.19.x build defconfig created?

I am especially curious because I recently failed to find any other Beagleboard-xM Linux kernels that would boot/run on a Beagleboard-xM board. Several of the other Linux kernels would boot/run if I used the Linux on ARM BeagleBoard Longterm 4.19.x build defconfig.

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@kec19, I’m not sure how to really explain this, other then during the v4.19.x cycle I had a Beagle xM and I made sure my kernel would boot on it. (While that particular xM died, it was questionable for a few years… I recently did pick up another xM so I really need to double check all my 5.x.x based kernel releases.)…


Since you were without an xM board until recently, I am amazed that the Linux on ARM kernel was the only recent 4.19 baseline that booted on my xM boards.

I assume fixes are required upstream because multiple Linux 4.19 baselines failed to boot/run on my xM boards. If the stable Linux kernel configuration for xM (and possibly other boards) is broken, do you know how to provide fixes into the stable Linux (or earlier) Linux kernel repos?

Thanks for the working kernel!