L3 Narda Miteq Mixers/Modulators

This post is to discuss the Mixers/Modulators from L3 Narda Miteq.

Digi-Key carries several of these products; however, there are several more that we can quote to customers. To find the appropriate Mixer/Modulator one can follow these quick steps.

Go to https://nardamiteq.com/page.php?ID=24&Z=Mixers

This will have several options for picking the right product. If a value is unknown, just leave it blank. The search works like the Digi-Key search. It will bring up everything that HAS NOT BEEN FILTERED OUT.

Quick reference guide for a Mixer:
Image you know what your IF in is, not what your LO value is, but you know what you want your RF out to be.

If IF in = .07GHz
LO = unknown
RF output = 4-8GHz

Anything that is not on the Digi-Key website can be quoted by sending an email to quotes@digikey.com

Take the equation of RF out = IF + LO

4GHz = x + .07GHz
4GHZ - 0.7GHz = 3.93GHz for LO

Full catalog can be found here: https://nardamiteq.com/results2.php?st=mx&KWID=24