Led driver

Hi, could you suggest a LED driver to drive product MTE2057M3A-UYG using an Arduino? Thank you


The limitations of the mentioned device are within the I/O pin capability of the Arduino microcontroller, allowing it to be driven directly using a simple current limiting resistor. See this resource regarding selection of such.

Thank you so much, I was worried given that reading online how to hook up LEDs people mentioned a risk due to voltage fluctuations of the supply and possibly ruining the LED when switching it on and off frequently (in my application, once a minute). Should I not worry about this?


Of all electronic/electrical topics, I can’t think of one about which there is a greater volume of poorly-written information floating around. The source(s) to which you refer may raise a point that is valid in some other context, but it’s it’s not relevant for the use case you’re describing.

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