LED light

I’m working on a small project using a 18650 3.7v 3350 battery and a short section of NiCh wire. I’d like to add a very small LED green light in the circuit between the battery holder and NiCh wire as a power indicator. Can you offer what I’ll need? Thanks

we do not have a battery monitor that is put together assembled. or do you just looking for a green led like
2460-L513GD-B-ND ? or do you need a battery monitor like 2156-BQ294707DSGR-296-ND ?

The 2460-L513GD-B-ND would work. I see it’s 2v and I’ll be using between 4.2 and 3.0 volts from the 18650 battery so will the LED you recommend work. If it will work, will it be brightest at 4.2v and diminish as the battery dies? And is it OK to just wire it inline positive from the battery?
Thanks for your help,

To use 2460-L513GD-B-ND at 4.2V you need to add a 220 ohm (~10mA) resistor in series with the LED. [(4.2V - 2.05V) / 0.01A]

It will be about one half as bright @ 3.0V.

If you don’t care about a shorter lifetime (a few years instead of a few decades) you can go as low as 75 ohms (~30mA) to make it extremely bright.

Thanks Paul, big help!

I see many many choices for the 220 ohm (~10mA) resistor you recommend in the product catalog. Could you please furnish a product number for a reliable in stock resistor?


Two of the closest matches are 220EBK-ND which is a 1/6W, and 220QBK-ND which is a 1/4W.

Common value, low tolerance and power rating, through hole resistors are generic parts similar to a 6-32x1/2" screw for an electrician. Many companies make them, they’re almost always in stock, and are completely interchangeable between manufacturers.

In addition the units from Yageo that @David_1768 suggested and I like, another brand I frequently buy is Stackpole.

FYI in this application the resistor just needs to be 220 ohms, power rating of 0.03 Watts or higher, and a resistance tolerance of 10% or less.