LED mystery

looking for something compatible or any info on the manufacture if not stocked by your company.

The + and - broke off board. there is little left to solder on pad. the running circuits are in multiple routes at pad, aluminum heat sink is behind foil board.

2.6 watt at dc24v, 25.4mm in diameter

6 LED, dimmable LR1812 CRI90 cct2700k

17SL506 Rev. A

sold as part of a lamp from Visual Comfort or Tech Lighting Co.

Hello brad2,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum! This seems to be a mystery indeed; unfortunately I was unable to find any information using the specifications you’ve provided nor with the numbers on the board. I took a look through our catalog, however it seems that we haven’t many options that fit the specifications.


The LEDs look quite similar to these: SMD LED Products - Bridgelux | DigiKey
You can check the specs of these LEDs. Though from the marking ‘17SL506 Rev. A’ it looks like it is a custom part.
And if you are looking forward to making an LED PCB like this by yourself, you should take these things into consideration: Basic Information about LED PCB - PCB Basic Information - PCBway

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