Life time of LED OVLBY4C7

what is a typical Life time of LED long can it stay functional before failure

Hi, There is not a rating on this particular led, however basic 3mm leds like this would work anywhere from 25000hrs up to 50000 hrs. of lifetime. An Led does not burn out like a regular bulb would. The brightness can degrade over the years, depending on environment and conditions. Led’s are very current sensitive and if the circuit does not have a resistor in it to control the current they can blow. You would check the current rating listed for each led in their data sheets and make sure the circuit does not exceed that amount.

Hi Glenda,
Do you have infromation about the shelf life for LED?


page 8 of 8 calls out the Operation life test of 1000 hrs at 25 deg c

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for it. The Opreation life info is there but I am looking for storage/shelf life

But if I buy the OVLBY4C7 LED, how long can I store it on shelf before I can use it.
Shelf life will normally be based on degrading material in the parts! do you have any info about it?

Sorry Stephen that information is not provided by the manufacture.

My thought is if it is in a control environment 72 to 76 deg F and 30 to 60% humidity they should have a long shelf life. Before use I would check the leads to make sure there is no oxidation before use.


From Kingbright
if there is an MSL

  1. Avoid continued exposure to the condensing moisture environment and keep the product away from rapid
    transitions in ambient temperature.
  2. LEDs should be stored with temperature ≤ 30°C and relative humidity < 60%.
  3. Product in the original sealed package is recommended to be assembled within 72 hours of opening.
    Product in opened package for more than a week should be baked for 30 (+10/-0) hours at 85 ~ 100°C.
  4. The LED leadframe surface is plated with silver. When the leadframe is stored under high-humidity
    environments, or exposed to certain chemical elements or gases, the surface may become discolored.
    Please maintain the cleanliness of the storage environment.
  5. If the storage conditions do not meet specification standards, the component pins may become oxidized
    requiring re-plating and re-sorting before use. Suggest customers consume LEDs as soon as possible, and
    avoid long-term storage of large inventories.

Its for one of my customer who has raised this question. If I have a specific data it will be helpful.

Sorry, that manufacture
TT Electronics/Optek Technology
is not provided that information.