What is the Typical Lifespan of an Addressable RGB LED?

------Question for 19-C47/RSGHBHC-5V01/2T Please Put your question below------
What is the typical lifespan of the Everlight 19-C47/RSGHBHC-5V01/2T addressable LED?

Hello @clintjcook,

We are unlikely to find a single solid answer for this question. There are too many variables to consider for the average lifetime of the Everlight-Electronics 19-C47/RSGHBHC-5V01/2T.

For example, consider:

  • as an addressable LED with a variable intensity, life will be a function of the individual RGB LED intensity and on time.

  • applied voltage outside the of specifications will degrade performance.

  • operation at elevated temperatures will shorten semiconductor life.

  • thermal cycling of the PCB and environmental considerations such as moisture could cause individual LED / PCB sections to fail.

  • operation as a group is also a challenge. If the LED is installed as part of an array the weakest LED will determine the life of the entire product. In this case a single degraded (faded) or burned-out LED could render the display useless.

Sorry, I could not provide a specific answer to your questions. Perhaps we could look at the anticipated lifespan for related products. A quick review suggests a lifespan between 10,000 and 40,000 hours. Your milage may vary for all the reason we explored especially if the product is subject to the harsh elements.

Best wishes,