We will be using these LED and would like to know the current range that we can use with out burning them out with 5 - 6.5 volts DC


Per the data-sheet. On page 4.
Nominal/test current is 500mA
Absolute max for 365nm = 1A
–With a note of the below.
-----“SST-10-UV LEDs are designed for operation to an absolute maximum current as specified above. Product lifetime data is specified at or below maximum drive current. Sustained operation beyond absolute maximum currents will result in a reduction of device life time . Actual device lifetimes will also depend on junction temperature and operation beyond maximum junction temperature is not recommended. Contact Luminus for lifetime derating curves and for further information. In pulsed operation, rise time from 10-90% of forward current should be longer than 0.5 μseconds.”

Generally you can operate at 1A but it is not necessarily recommended.
You can run it at any other value below that.

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This is what I was trying to find.

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Be advised that junction temperature is the dominant factor in such questions, and that device characteristics are given for a TJ of 25°C. Actual behaviors will almost certainly differ in practice.