Linux image in Linux on Arm construction tutorial

Hello, does anyone know a tutorial to build an image with the latest kernel for the Matrix TBS2910 and Marsboard freescale?.


Hi @fhersete , sorry i don’t personally own this SBC, nor have we ever sold it.

I would first start with their Demo Image, do they have their build script/enviroment anywhere?

It looks like they have a forum, have you posted anything there? TBSDTV Community Forum • Index page


Hi Robert, I have only been able to find these patches, I don’t know if I will be able to compile with the latest kernel, I would have to try.


Those patches are for the bootloader aka u-boot back in 2014. I don’t see any kernel patches.


Hello Robert.

I have been able to find this information about the kernel patch.

Patch Kernel

I do not know if it will serve as a reference to be able to build a new image in the tutorial that I publish on sabresd with debian 10.