Trying to Build a Self-Made Kernel on the BeagleBone Black/Green Wireless


I am currently trying to build a custom kernel for the BBB or BBGW. I figured the old-fashioned way would work on the board itself.

I think I am incorrect. It is not done yet but I have a luring suspicion that it will fail soon.

So, if I have a neat kernel I built, how exactly can one affix it to the SD Card on the BBB/BBGW?


P.S. I have not conquered the idea of dd or tar yet w/ images.


Just for reference:

  1. Building on the board is not an option for anyone reading this text.
  2. I made a mistake and mixed and matched toolchains and revisions of the u-boot lib.
  3. I understand the instructions work. This is not my concern.
  4. I also get the commands given since I have been through them numerous times while switching and mixing.
  5. I found another page online that seems to be working for me for now.

I really like the commands where I can mix and match towards the end of the instruction set.


Copy Root File System

#Debian; Root File System: user@localhost:~$
sudo tar xfvp ./debian-*-*-armhf-*/armhf-rootfs-*.tar -C /media/rootfs/

#Ubuntu; Root File System: user@localhost:~$
sudo tar xfvp ./ubuntu-*-*-armhf-*/armhf-rootfs-*.tar -C /media/rootfs/

Set uname_r in /boot/uEnv.txt

sudo sh -c "echo 'uname_r=${kernel_version}' >> /media/rootfs/boot/uEnv.txt"

Copy Kernel Image

Kernel Image:

sudo cp -v ./bb-kernel/deploy/${kernel_version}.zImage /media/rootfs/boot/vmlinuz-${kernel_version}

Copy Kernel Device Tree Binaries

sudo mkdir -p /media/rootfs/boot/dtbs/${kernel_version}/
sudo tar xfv ./bb-kernel/deploy/${kernel_version}-dtbs.tar.gz -C /media/rootfs/boot/dtbs/${kernel_version}/

Copy Kernel Modules

sudo tar xfv ./bb-kernel/deploy/${kernel_version}-modules.tar.gz -C /media/rootfs/

File Systems Table (/etc/fstab)

sudo sh -c "echo '/dev/mmcblk0p1  /  auto  errors=remount-ro  0  1' >> /media/rootfs/etc/fstab"


Edit: /etc/network/interfaces

sudo nano /media/rootfs/etc/network/interfaces


auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Remove microSD/SD card

sudo umount /media/rootfs

Sorry for panicking once again.


P.S. Keep up the instructions if you guys/gals ever get around to it!

Hi @silver2row that’s odd, we switched to the current boot file format the summer of 2014… Wouldn’t that be considered the old format? :wink:

The other option, ONLY if you have a board that already boots, just build the linux-image*.deb and copy it over to the “RUNNING” board and run ‘sudo dpkg -i linux-image*.deb’ and it’ll copy over everything to the correct location… (This of course assumes the board is booting…)



No issue. I will keep building until I perfect it.