Littelfuse SPA Series Part Numbering

The following is a part number breakdown for the SPA series of TVS Diode Arrays from Littelfuse.


See the individual data sheet for pinouts, Functional Block Diagrams, and markings as these vary within the SPA line.

Applicable Part Numbers

SP1007-01WTG SP3021-01ETG SP3031-01ETG SP1002-01JTG SP4021-01FTG-C SP4020-01FTG-C SP1007-01ETG SP1005-01WTG SP1008-01WTG SP1001-04XTG SP1001-05XTG SP0504SHTG SP0502BAHTG SP3002-04JTG SP3004-04XTG SP3003-04JTG SP4020-01FTG SP4021-01FTG SP0503BAHTG SP3010-04UTG SRV05-4HTG SR70-02CTG SP3003-02JTG SP0504BAHTG SP0505BAHTG SP3003-02XTG SP0504BAJTG SRDA05-4BTG SP3051-04HTG SRDA3.3-4BTG SP0506BAATG SP03-6BTG SP3130-01ETG SP1002-02JTG SP0502BXTG SP1001-05VTG SP3001-04JTG SP3002-04UTG SR05-02CTG SP3003-04XTG SP3011-06UTG SP0505BAJTG SP2504NUTG SP1001-02XTG SP3003-08ATG SP4060-08ATG SP1014-01WTG SP1043-01WTG SP1044-01WTG SP3145-01WTG SP1555-01UTG SP3130-01WTG SP3118-01WTG SP8143-06UTG SP8008-08UTG SP4042-02UTG SP12-01WTG-C-HV SP24-01WTG-C-HV SP15-01WTG-C-HV SP36-01WTG-C-HV SP1020-01WTG SP1021-01WTG SP1003-01DTG SP1013-01WTG SP3118-01ETG SP3042-01WTG SP1004-04VTG SP3012-03UTG SP0502BAJTG SP1015-04WTG SP3006-02XTG SP3003-04ATG SP2502LBTG SP1011-04UTG SP1011-04UTG SP3304NUTG SP3012-04HTG SP1009-01WTG SP8142-04UTG SP1012-05WTG SP3003-02UTG SPLV2.8HTG SP1006-01UTG SP0504BAATG SP3050-04HTG SP1010-04UTG SP3002-04HTG SP6001-04UTG-1 SP6001-06UTG-1 SP6002-04UTG-1 SP6002-06UTG-1 SPLV2.8-4BTG SP4061-04UTG SP4062-04UTG SP03A-3.3BTG SP4040-02BTG SP6003-04UTG-1 SP6003-06UTG-1 SP6001-08UTG-1 SP6002-08UTG-1