Littlefuse RGEF300 fuse reset time

Could someone please direct me to a datasheet with the reset time characteristics for the Littlefuse RGEF300 fuses?

I could not find any information on the DigiKey page:

And, I could not find any information on the Littlefuse website or any other place on the Internet.

Thank you for your assistance.


Reset behaviors aren’t widely quoted for this type of device. They depend strongly on application specifics and aren’t pertinent to the essential function, which is to prevent a faulty gadget from setting the building on fire.

If you look closely, trip time scales are typically measured in seconds, while the properties of a device post-reset are commonly quoted after ~1 hour of recovery. One can expect a part to perform within the limiting specifications of their production, but if you’re interested in behaviors outside those limits it’s up to you to characterize them in context of your own application, and absorb any risk from production changes/variance that don’t violate the production spec.


Perfect explanation - very clear. Thank you very much.