Looking for a Compatible Single Battery holder with Wire Leads for lithium Battery

Hi, I am looking for a similar Single Battery holder with Wire Leads for lithium Battery, attached below is the link that I want to match the product with

Can anyone suggest any matching product on Digi key ?
What I could find was 36-2461-ND . Can someone confirm if they are same ?

Hoping for some response, it will be of great help to me.


Thank you for contacting DigiKey’s tech forum. That 36-2461-ND is for AA sized batteries but I have a link here with the 18650 battery holder options with wire leads. 18650 Battery Holders, Clips, Contacts | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

BH-18650-W-ND does look like your best bet. It is recommended to review the datasheet before ordering to verify it will work for your exact application.

Thank you

Hi Ryan,

Thanks a lot but this price is too high. Is there any possibility of a discount on the same ?
I need this for reselling purpose.

With regards,

Our cheapest option would be here. However it is not currently in stock so manufacturer lead times would apply.

Thank you for the information!

Do you also have the below product in your inventory ?

Product Name: AD202JY

Attached below.


We have that one listed here however it is last time buy and we are out of stock. You would need to contact customer service to see if it can still be ordered. We also have AD202KY Analog Devices Inc. | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey which is very similar, please review the datasheet to see if it will work for your application. It is listed as last time buy as well but as of this writing we still have some in stock.