Atypical 20mm coin battery holder (15-16mm pin distance)

Hello. I’m looking for a through-hole coin-cell-battery holder for a typical 20mm/2032 type battery. However, I need the pins to be about 15.5 or 16mm apart. I don’t have a big preference for horizontal or vertical mounted; I might like to keep a few of each on hand.

I thought I found what I need here, since it says it’s for 2032 batteries… but looking at the drawing, I can’t quite see that it would fit those.

Is that it? Is there another? Nearly every one for a 20mm battery has 20mm pin distances, and I’ve looked at way too many drawings.

I’d also consider a coin holder with loose wire leads, or single batteries with 16mm pin separation.

Thanks much.

Hi Zack, in order for the coin cell to fit, you would need to use the holders listed for the 20mm battery. We have several listed that are surface mount options. But we only list one in through hole. Part number
952-1743-1-ND. The number you list above, would not hold a 2032, as it is only 16mm coin cell size. If you want to check out the surface mount type, check them out at|332110%2C36|39665%2C1142|140988%2C1142|141016%2C1142|141136%2C1142|141257%2C1445|332100%2C-8|86%2C7|2&quantity=&ColumnSort=0&page=1&stock=1&pageSize=500
Any questions let us know. Glenda

Hi Glenda,
Thanks for your reply. I think maybe we’re misunderstanding each other?

I need a through-hole battery holder. (Maybe I’d consider surface mount if I’m going to solder leads on to go to the pcb holes.)

I need it for a 20mm battery such as the CR2032. I see 64 search hits for that, not the single one that you mention.

However, I need the pins to be spaced about 15.5-16mm apart. Nearly every 20mm battery holder also has 20mm pin spacing. (And those that don’t are a lot less than I need, like 10mm.)

Is there an option I’ve missed?



Hi DigiKey staff. Any more thoughts? Not sure if anyone sees this anymore or if I need to create a new thread.

Assuming you don’t need 10,000 pcs or more, it’s very hard to get electro-mechanical components that fit an existing dimension. At work and for my hobbies I always locate a source for all the electro-mechanical components first and then I design the system to use those components.

Hello Zack, Unfortunately no I was not able to find any other products that are tailored exactly to your requirements, this would not be an uncommon occurance for electronic design as the scenarios are limitless and most would be forced to do something custom such as you mentioned as using a wired option or soldering leads to an SMD option, or as Paul mentioned, building the design around the components being used.

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Okay, thanks. I’m not designing, I’m repairing, and I’ve seen a few ‘80s and ‘90s synths with this odd battery choice.

Thought it was strange the first reply said there was only one 20mm option (maybe I misunderstood), so thanks for following up.


Ah, new information, if the manufacturer is still in business it’s always worth asking them if they have any parts available for sale or if they will provide more information on the holder. I’ve been pleasantly surprised over the decades how many music industry related companies are willing to help people repair their old gear.

If I read your original post correctly, you might consider a battery with 16mm pin separation? If so, we do have an option:


Of course you would have to de-solder to replace, which would be a pain. Might still be better off getting a holder and soldering wires.

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Great, thanks David. A question though, how wide are the stamped metal pins? I’ve had problems in some devices with those pictured blade-type pins fitting in circuit board holes versus a wire-style pin.

I couldn’t find that measurement in the pictures or data sheet. Did I miss it?



Correction, the pins are 0.03" wide. Sorry for the typo.

I had said earlier they were 0.30".

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Hi Zack,

No you didn’t miss it. The data has been hard to obtain. However, I got it. Here it is:



Hi David,
Great, thanks! This looks very much like the existing battery. Wish I could have found a holder without hacking one, but I think I’ll buy these since they’ll last in this use for 10-20 years.