Missing mechanical data on a datasheet

I want to use a battery holder made by Keystone Electronics. Their part number is 1042 and the Digikey Part number is 36-1042-ND.
The part has three pins for locating it onto a PCB. The horizontal position of the third orientation pin is not indicated on the drawing in the datasheet.
Stephen du Toit

Hello sdut2016, the pad layout shows the 55.2mm from the furthest pin and over 16mm, center of pin to center https://www.keyelco.com/userAssets/file/M65p27.pdf

Hi Robert,

Thanks very much for your quick response.

If I understand your feedback correctly, you are referring to a pin which sits 55.2 mm from the furthest pin and 16 mm down. This is not the pin which I have issues with.

My problem is with the third, smaller pin which is 1.6 mm long and diameter of 1.6 mm. The drawing shows the vertical position of this smaller pin, to sit at the same horizontal line as one of the larger pins. What it does not show, is the horizontal position of the smaller pin on this line. In other words, the “X” coordinate from the smallest pin cannot be inferred.

Hope to hear from you again.

Thank you

Stephenn du Toit

That third pin would appear to be aligned with the inner edge of the adjacent square pad, from which a position might be inferred. Assuming you have a mechanical part sample, printing out a 1:1 image on paper to verify would be a quick way to check this possibility.