Help me find ID part for this image

Please help me find this Part for that image. Thanks

What is the part in question, is it the ‘REMOVE BEFORE USE’ sticker?

Thank you so much
That’s right. But I can’t find it on digikey?
My colleague figured it out. But he thought about it and no longer contacted.

I doubt Digi-Key would carry this type of part, I’d wait to see if anyone from the Digi-Key team has any other ideas?

We bought it at digikey. that’s for sure.
But we forgot part ID

What are the dimensions of the sticker?

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That it 5cm

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Do you know who the manufacturer is for this label? Look inside the cardboard center to see if there are any markings stamped in there.

Hi tuanthanh190388,

I’m sorry but I could also not find that label within our inventory or a product that is offered on our website by other vendors. Are you able to provide any more information about this sticker/label?


It a Keystone battery insulator pull tab.

FYI - I found it via a Google image search for “remove before use” (with the quotes)


Paul Hutch to the rescue!

Steve and I were too conventional and only looked under labels categories it seems.
This product is under battery products accessories.

Thanks Paul!

Dear Paul,

exactly it. Thank you very much