Looking for AA10U-024L-150D alternatives

Good afternoon,
I am looking for alternatives to the Astec “AA10U-024L-150D”.

I have found a couple but cant decide which is the closer fit. What are your opinions?

Alternative 1: https://www.omnionpower.com/assets/pdfs/windchill/data-sheet/shhn000a3cl_ds.pdf?nocache=1710358796

Alternative 2: URE2415LP-10WR3_Industrial Switching Power Supply Manufacturer - MORNSUN

Thanks for your help.

Here’s a link to the original part’s datasheet: https://mm.digikey.com/Volume0/opasdata/d220001/medias/docus/978/AA10U.pdf

Hello tyler.4, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The closest alternate I found, is 2034-2194-ND.
The max output current is 333mA instead of 300mA, so it is a better part.
Pin spacing and pinout appear to be the same.
Please check the datasheet to verify compatibility to your application.

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Kinda depends on one’s care-abouts; extra pins might be a bummer if one’s hoping to fit an existing footprint, there’s differences in price, MTBF figures and methods, ripple & noise, transient response, EMI filter suggestions etc… How you’d weight those factors is sorta up to you.

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