Looking for assembly information for this connector

Currently having an issue with this cable assembly: Digikey PN 455-3933-ND; Mfg PN A20XSR20XSR36R102A. Need to replace one side of the cable without replacing the other side. I’ve found the correct connector which is used in the assembly: Digikey PN
455-3891-ND; Mfg PN 20XSR-36S, but I need more information on it. As this is an IDC connector, it appears that assembly requires pushing down the wires into the pins, which are already in the connector housing, without stripping the wires. Is there an assembly tool associated with this connector, one which pushes the wires down into the pins, without having to manually push them down one-by-one?

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum, lucasi.
We do not have an IDC tool for this connector.
The only thing I found, was on the datasheet. It just says this connector is Applicable to automatic ID Machines.
No mention of part numbers, or anything about the tooling for this connector.

Tooling for such connectors tends to be on the exotic side, not cheap, and not well adapted to use in circumstances where one couldn’t simply replace the entire cable. If you absolutely must replace the connector only in a one-off situation, a manual process is likely where you’ll end up.