Looking for correct power cord

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What is part reference on DigiKey’s site for the AC power cord for this charger? I want a black, apx 6 foot cord, strait plug in (no angle) that matches the specs of the charger. If in doubt, go larger. Thanks

Greetings jcouncils, Welcome to the TechForum, I believe any of these will do the job. Please review the datasheets to ensure the one you choose is appropriate for your application.

Power, Line Cables and Extension Cords | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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Thanks. Per my message, I don’t know what the data sheets mean. So I’m looking for help matching the charger specs to a cord.

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the chargers says C14, not C13. also, the charger operates up to about 250 volts. the cords you’re calling out don’t seem up to the spec. am I wrong?

The cords I linked have the correct connectors and are rated for 125V which is within the range of what the power supply needs. Other than that it is things you will need to decide. Such as the gauge of wire (smaller number = Thicker wire), the temperature range of the intended environment, and the amp rating. The datasheet says the power supply will typically draw 3A so any of the cords will work (they are 10 or 15 amp) if you are at all worried about amperage you can just get the 15amp to be extra cautious.

The C13 is the female connector and plugs into the C14 male connector, if you look at the C14 cords we have you can see that they have the same connector as the device so they will not mate. The datasheet is stating that the connector on the device is C14 not that the cord has to be C14.

The power supply will operate on up to 264V which means it can be used in Europe and other countries, but if you are in the US or Canada we use 120V. If you are in Europe or other countries the cords I have offered will not work. If you are outside of the US or Canada please use the following link to select a proper cord for your area.

Power, Line Cables and Extension Cords | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

We also have our Electrical Plug Reference Calculator in the resources on our website to aid in selecting the right cords for your location.

With respect, I don’t think you’re competent. I’ll get my information elsewhere.

Thanks for your feedback. Sometimes people make mistakes. It would be more helpful if you said where you thought I went wrong rather than be insulting.

I did realize after further reflection that because of the 3-prong end of the plug I made the assumption that you would be plugging into a standard outlet. I got stuck in that train of thought and did not consider non-standard voltage systems.

Here are some options that do meet that voltage rating you requested and have the connectors you asked for. Sorry for the confusion. I believe everything else is correct. If you don’t think so please let me know how, so that I can investigate further and get it corrected.

Power, Line Cables and Extension Cords | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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