I'm looking for a P049-010 with a 90 degree female end

Does Digikey stock this power cord? It’s 15’ long, but I could make a shorter one work.


I am not seeing one with a right angled end so far.
https://www.digikey.com/short/vzjmrqnf ← were found.

Hi Nathan!
I did see this one, but it’s 16 amp. I need 20 amp.


Thanks for checking!

Ya, It looks like the “IEC 320 /C19” connector may be the thing that is limiting the rating.

What do you think about this one: 233106-06

The 233106-06 incorporates a 12AWG wire (smaller AWG number = larger conductor cable) and therefore would be better suited for high current loads than the 37512312F7032L(R) or (ahem…) the device shown in the original post.

Sounds like it would work. Thanks for the help!