AC Power Cable Types for Desktop Power Supplies

Many of the Desktop Power Supplies that are sold at Digi-Key do not come with an input power cord. This is a feature listed under the Product Attributes as Input Type on the individual product page.

To help determine what cable you will need for your power supply we have also included a section for Input Connector at the bottom of the Product Attributes section.

With this information you can go over to the Power, Line Cables page and you can filter down the options by selecting the appropriate connector for your power supply. To match with the pictured desktop supply above which has an IEC 320-C8 connector we will need a power cable with an IEC 320-C7 connector. I have also chosen to look for cable with a Nema 1-15P plug for my wall outlet on this search.

To select the cable you need you will need to understand the different cable ends. For the 1st connector you will need to know what your AC power supply will come from. Most application this will be a wall outlet.

The two most common plugs used in North America are the
Nema 5-15P (3-Prong) or the Nema 1-15P (2-Prong)

Some of the more common plugs for going into your power supply (2nd Connector) are the
IEC 320-C7 IEC320-C7 Polarized IEC320-C13
IEC320-C19 IEC320-C5

You will then be able to select Lengths, Shielding, and ratings to meet your requirements.

Qualtek came out with this document that helps show all of the IEC 320 connector variations.

Applicable Power Cord P/Ns

Q348-ND 993-1035-ND 839-1185-ND T1167-EU-ND 993-1034-ND TL852-ND T1166-NA-ND 839-1180-ND 839-1178-ND AE9888-ND AE9887-ND Q345-ND AE9912-ND 839-1220-ND AE9913-ND AE9854-ND Q102-ND Q125-ND T1245-C13-UK-ND T1248-C13-EU-ND T1249-C13-NA-ND T1246-C13-CN-ND T100-DK-ND TL415-ND 993-1039-ND TL414-ND Q139-ND Q408-ND Q115-ND TL453-ND 993-1037-ND Q105-ND Q124-ND Q103-ND 1175-1511-ND Q135-ND 1175-1332-ND Q360-ND Q418-ND Q346-ND Q359-ND AE10684-ND Q351-ND Q350-ND Q117-ND Q136-ND Q132-ND Q133-ND 817-1656-ND Q116-ND Q540-ND T1168-UK-ND 993-1036-ND Q138-ND AE10723-ND TL459-ND Q120-ND Q353-ND Q541-ND Q263-ND 993-1038-ND TL446-ND TL597-ND 1175-1503-ND Q268-ND TL445-ND AE10731-ND TL467-ND 839-1197-ND AE9910-ND 839-1190-ND AE9909-ND EPS587-ND 839-1187-ND Q536-ND AE9908-ND Q349-ND 1175-1297-ND TL867-ND 839-1186-ND TL439-ND 1175-1335-ND TL857-ND TL451-ND T102-DK-ND Q347-ND Q962-ND Q422-ND Q126-ND AE9914-ND Q104-ND 839-1262-ND TL452-ND TL854-ND Q354-ND TL440-ND Q412-ND 839-1221-ND Q416-ND Q352-ND TL868-ND AE10683-ND TL454-ND 1175-1298-ND 1175-1299-ND AE10726-ND Q415-ND 1175-1346-ND TL441-ND Q140-ND 1175-1504-ND Q961-ND Q926-ND 1175-1780-ND TL416-ND Q944-ND AE9886-ND 1175-1304-ND T1247-C13-JP-ND Q118-ND AE10730-ND TL458-ND TL863-ND AE10721-ND 486-1576-ND Q953-ND Q924-ND TL873-ND AE10727-ND 1175-1312-ND Q959-ND 1175-1505-ND CCM1819-ND Q119-ND 817-1657-ND 486-1595-ND 817-1655-ND TL443-ND TL874-ND 1175-1516-ND 817-1654-ND 817-1852-ND TL902-ND 1175-1347-ND Q987-ND Q954-ND 993-1040-ND Q920-ND 817-1849-ND TL610-ND Q955-ND TL892-ND 486-1964-ND TL468-ND 839-1183-ND 839-1176-ND 839-1198-ND AE10681-ND Q127-ND 839-1194-ND 839-1192-ND AE10682-ND Q356-ND Q355-ND 839-1193-ND 1175-1315-ND 839-1223-ND AE10666-ND 1175-1334-ND 1175-1306-ND 1175-1331-ND 1175-1305-ND 486-1958-ND 1175-1341-ND 486-2106-ND 486-1604-ND AE10668-ND TL449-ND AE10739-ND 486-1577-ND 1175-1507-ND 1175-1340-ND 486-1581-ND 486-1611-ND 486-1596-ND 486-1601-ND 486-1599-ND 1175-1514-ND 817-1856-ND 486-1598-ND 486-2464-ND 817-1850-ND 817-1858-ND 839-1222-ND 1175-1307-ND 486-1594-ND 486-1600-ND 817-1854-ND EPS586-ND Q947-ND Q948-ND Q949-ND EPS614-ND 1053-1730-ND Q989-ND 1053-1741-ND TL605-ND Q1044-ND Q1043-ND Q995-ND 1053-1745-ND 1053-1736-ND Q1042-ND TL862-ND TL869-ND Q1046-ND Q1045-ND TL853-ND Q958-ND TL858-ND TL1565-ND TL860-ND Q952-ND Q943-ND 1053-1732-ND 1053-1740-ND 545B BK076-ND 1053-1716-ND T101-DK-ND TL473-ND AE9911-ND 1175-1510-ND Q411-ND Q421-ND TL875-ND TL456-ND TL457-ND TL861-ND TL442-ND TL455-ND TL866-ND AE10732-ND TL611-ND 817-1860-ND TL444-ND TL905-ND TL460-ND TL613-ND 817-1857-ND TL469-ND 486-2465-ND TL606-ND TL461-ND TL466-ND TL880-ND TL417-ND 1175-1517-ND TL462-ND TL876-ND TL464-ND TL614-ND TL810-ND TL896-ND 1175-1337-ND AE10665-ND TL595-ND AE10725-ND Q420-ND AE10735-ND AE10734-ND AE10667-ND 1175-1508-ND Q923-ND AE10733-ND TL436-ND 1175-1339-ND 817-1851-ND AE10740-ND TL598-ND 1175-1513-ND 1175-1499-ND 285-2430-ND 1175-1512-ND SC1850-ND 817-1863-ND 817-1864-ND 817-1861-ND TL471-ND 1175-1515-ND 486-2036-ND 817-1859-ND 1175-1333-ND AE10736-ND AE10738-ND 486-1602-ND 1175-1344-ND 1175-1500-ND 1175-1349-ND TL463-ND TL447-ND Q1057-ND Q1056-ND Q988-ND TL877-ND TL1202-ND TL607-ND 1053-1727-ND 1053-1746-ND 839-1264-ND 839-1265-ND TL859-ND 839-1266-ND 1053-1738-ND 1053-1737-ND 1053-1728-ND TL871-ND 1053-1720-ND 1053-1747-ND Q957-ND TL856-ND TL870-ND 1053-1722-ND 1053-1729-ND 1053-1721-ND 486-1586-ND 1053-1724-ND 1053-1739-ND 1053-1715-ND 1053-1725-ND TL1554-ND TL1553-ND HM1525-ND 1053-1723-ND TL1320-ND TL878-ND TL1556-ND TL1552-ND 298-12007-ND TL448-ND TL855-ND 298-12025-ND 298-12027-ND 1053-1726-ND TL1355-ND TL1354-ND TL1352-ND TL1356-ND TL1353-ND TL1341-ND TL879-ND 298-12020-ND TL1557-ND TL901-ND 298-12013-ND 298-12016-ND 298-12011-ND 298-12022-ND TL1558-ND TL472-ND TL470-ND TL906-ND TL1357-ND 298-12009-ND 298-12028-ND 298-12026-ND TL1340-ND TL903-ND 298-12014-ND 298-12017-ND 298-12012-ND 298-12023-ND TL1741-ND 298-12010-ND 298-12029-ND 298-12024-ND TL899-ND 298-12021-ND 298-12015-ND TL895-ND TL1566-ND TL1555-ND 486-3775-ND 1175-1352-ND 817-1848-ND 839-1175-ND Q128-ND Q537-ND AE10722-ND AE10724-ND Q846-ND 1175-1313-ND Q951-ND 1175-1501-ND 817-1865-ND TL604-ND TL608-ND 1175-1314-ND AE10729-ND 1175-1343-ND AE10728-ND 1175-1506-ND AE10737-ND TL619-ND 817-1855-ND 1175-1351-ND TL612-ND TL599-ND 1175-1345-ND AE10741-ND 486-1597-ND 1175-1350-ND Q1120-ND TL1303-ND TL1306-ND TL1305-ND TL1304-ND TL1302-ND TL1307-ND TL1308-ND TL1311-ND TL1309-ND TL1310-ND Q1123-ND TL602-ND TL603-ND TL1314-ND TL1316-ND TL1313-ND TL1312-ND TL1315-ND Q1047-ND Q1128-ND Q1048-ND Q1049-ND Q1131-ND Q1126-ND Q1130-ND TL1332-ND TL1333-ND 486-1591-ND TL872-ND TL1334-ND TL1335-ND 486-3780-ND 602-1852-ND TL1317-ND TL1319-ND TL1321-ND TL1318-ND TL609-ND TL1323-ND TL1324-ND TL1322-ND TL1326-ND TL1325-ND TL1336-ND TL1342-ND TL1343-ND TL1344-ND TL1345-ND TL1346-ND Q956-ND TL1347-ND TL1348-ND TL1349-ND TL1350-ND TL1351-ND TL1337-ND TL1329-ND TL1327-ND TL1328-ND TL1331-ND TL644-ND TL1330-ND TL601-ND TL1338-ND TL1339-ND 298-12008-ND 298-12018-ND TL893-ND 839-1189-ND FCB-3029-ULX-ND AE9906-ND AK500/U-3-P-ND 839-1199-ND Q1014-ND 312037-01-ND 839-1200-ND RLMDT361800-ND RLMDT701800-ND T1244-C13-AU-ND 312029-01-ND 212099-01-ND 1175-1336-ND 312033-01-ND 313023-01-ND 312041-01-ND 313019-01-ND 318009-01-ND TL594-ND TL596-ND 378002-D01-ND 318011-01-ND 312036-01-ND 800-18-13D-WH-0006F-ND 318013-01-ND 800-18-39B-BL-0005F-ND 312032-01-ND 313022-01-ND 800-1.00-17P-BL-00250-ND 240008-06-ND 800-18-66D-BL-0006F-ND 312044-01-ND 1175-1348-ND 800-1.00-14H-BL-00200-ND 486-3777-ND 486-3778-ND 800-18-0OD-GR-0006F-ND 313018-01-ND 800-18-0OD-BL-0006F-ND 1581C6NA-ND 800-1.00-16H-BL-00200-ND 800-16-0OD-GR-0006F-ND 486-1593-ND 800-1.00-16H-BL-00250-ND 486-3776-ND 486-3779-ND 486-1582-ND 226003-01-ND 800-1.00-17P-BL-00300-ND 800-1.00-16H-BL-00300-ND 800-18-0OD-GR-0010F-ND 1581C6IEC-ND 1581C6EU-ND 800-1.00-17P-BL-00500-ND 1175-1342-ND PC14C13BL2-ND 1581C6UK-ND PC14C13GY2-ND PC14C19BL3-ND P2723-ND PC14C13GY4-ND PC20C19BL3-ND PC20C19GY3-ND PC20C19LGY3-ND P515C13BL6-ND PC14C13BL6.5-ND PC14C13GY5-ND PC14C13BL7-ND PC20C19BL4-ND PC14C13GY6.5-ND PC14C19BL6-ND PC14C13BL8-ND PC14C13GY7-ND PC20C19GY4-ND PC20C19LGY4-ND PC20C19BL5-ND PC14C13BL9-ND PC20C13BL8.2-ND PC14C13GY8-ND P515C19BL6-ND PC20C19BL6-ND PC20C19GY5-ND PC20C19LGY5-ND PC14C13GY9-ND PC20C13DGY8.2-ND PC20C13GY8.2-ND PC14C13GY10-ND PC20C19GY6-ND PC20C19LGY6-ND PC20C19BL8-ND PC20C19GY8-ND PC20C19LGY8-ND 555-1137-ND CC848850792-ND CC848896456-ND CC848820317-ND CC848850842-ND PC14C13GY3-X-ND PC14C13BL4-X-ND PC14C13GY4-X-ND 545 BK078-ND PC14C13BL5-X-ND 531 BK078-ND 537 BK078-ND PC14C13BL6.5-X-ND PC14C13GY5-X-ND 551 BK078-ND 532 BK078-ND 546 BK078-ND 560F BK078-ND PC20C13BL8.2-X-ND 538 BK078-ND PC20C13GY8.2-X-ND 533 BK078-ND 534 BK078-ND PC20C19BL8-X-ND 548F BK078-ND 550F BK078-ND 547F BK078-ND PC20C19GY8-X-ND PC20C19LGY8-X-ND 531F BK078-ND 532F BK078-ND 540 BK078-ND 952 BK078-ND 472 BK078-ND 474 BK078-ND 468 BK078-ND 535 BK078-ND 470 BK078-ND 537B BK076-ND 920 BK078-ND 535B BK076-ND 821 SL078-ND 536F BK078-ND 532B BK076-ND 830 BK078-ND 831 SL078-ND 832 SL078-ND 534B BK076-ND 531B BK076-ND 953 BK078-ND 486-1609-ND 486-1603-ND 486-1606-ND 486-1607-ND 486-1608-ND 486-1590-ND 486-1610-ND 486-1605-ND 486-1592-ND 6043.0114-ND 6026.0215-ND 6047.6414-ND 6051.0025-ND 486-1587-ND 0888.0222-ND

P004-004-YW 378002-D01 318011-01 312036-01 800-18-13D-WH-0006F 318013-01 800-18-39B-BL-0005F 312032-01 313022-01 800-1.00-17P-BL-00250 240008-06 800-18-66D-BL-0006F 312044-01 800-14-24D-RE-0004F 800-1.00-14H-BL-00200 6007.0212 6007.0214 800-18-0OD-GR-0006F 313018-01 800-18-0OD-BL-0006F 1581C6NA 800-1.00-16H-BL-00200 800-16-0OD-GR-0006F 6051.2032 800-1.00-16H-BL-00250 6004.0215 6011.0215 6051.2008 226003-01 800-1.00-17P-BL-00300 800-1.00-16H-BL-00300 800-18-0OD-GR-0010F 1581C6IEC 1581C6EU 800-1.00-17P-BL-00500 800-12-32D-RE-0004F PC14C13BL2 1581C6UK PC14C13GY2 PC14C19BL3 P2723 PC14C13GY4 PC20C19BL3 PC20C19GY3 PC20C19LGY3 P515C13BL6 PC14C13BL6.5 PC14C13GY5 PC14C13BL7 PC20C19BL4 PC14C13GY6.5 PC14C19BL6 PC14C13BL8 PC14C13GY7 PC20C19GY4 PC20C19LGY4 PC20C19BL5 PC14C13BL9 PC20C13BL8.2 PC14C13GY8 P515C19BL6 PC20C19BL6 PC20C19GY5 PC20C19LGY5 PC14C13GY9 PC20C13DGY8.2 PC20C13GY8.2 PC14C13GY10 PC20C19GY6 PC20C19LGY6 PC20C19BL8 PC20C19GY8 PC20C19LGY8 CC848776105 CC848850792 CC848896456 CC848820317 CC848850842 PC14C13GY3-X PC14C13BL4-X PC14C13GY4-X 545 BK078 PC14C13BL5-X 531 BK078 537 BK078 PC14C13BL6.5-X PC14C13GY5-X 551 BK078 532 BK078 546 BK078 560F BK078 PC20C13BL8.2-X 538 BK078 PC20C13GY8.2-X 533 BK078 534 BK078 PC20C19BL8-X 548F BK078 550F BK078 547F BK078 PC20C19GY8-X PC20C19LGY8-X 531F BK078 532F BK078 540 BK078 952 BK078 472 BK078 474 BK078 468 BK078 535 BK078 470 BK078 537B BK076 920 BK078 535B BK076 821 SL078 536F BK078 532B BK076 830 BK078 831 SL078 832 SL078 534B BK076 531B BK076 953 BK078 6051.2077 6051.2063 6051.2070 6051.2071 6051.2072 6051.2027 6051.2078 6051.2068 6051.2031 6043.0114 6026.0215 6047.6414 6051.0025 6051.2016 0888.0222 223020-01 AC15WNA 11-00022 AC-C7 EU AC15WEU P004-001 AC-C7 NA 11-00017 11-00015 AK500/U-2 AK500/U-1 319002-T01 AK500-OE-11-1.5 11-00055 AK500-OE-11-2 AK500/U-4 312007-01 312003-01 AC-C13 UK AC-C13 EU AC-C13 NA AC-C13 CN AC7-DK P006-006 AC30UNA P004-006 350049-LD01 374009-01 312011-01 P006-006-13LA AC30MNA 313009-01 212013-01 312010-01 800-0.75-14X-BL-00200 364002-D01 800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00200 313011-01 390002-01 367003-D01 374003-A01 AK500/16-OE-11-2 233008-06 233002-06 313010-01 319004-T01 233003-06 233009-06 IL13-US1-SVT-3100-183 312014-01 312126-01 AC-C7 UK AC15WUK 370001-E01 A-PC2302-020026-1 P007-006 312040-01 312019-01 312127-01 243003-06 AC30UEU P005-010 P004-006-2C13 800-14-0OD-GR-0006F 331010-01 P005-006-14RA A-PC2302-050026-1 P040-010 11-00034 AK500-OE-11-.5 11-00027 AK500-JC-6-1 67400-277-AB 11-00024 223082-01 AK500-JC-5-1 223021-01 800-18-3-2-SPT2-BL-00200 P006-001 11-00023 P004-002 800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00050 P004-003 P006-003 AC9-DK 212004-01 399014-01 398002-01 312021-01 AK500-OE-11-2.5 313006-01 11-00075 P006-004 P004-002-13RA 313001-01 P004-004 378005-01 11-00056 381003-01 312008-01 P006-002-13A AK500/16-OE-11-1.5 P006-006-13RA 800-18-2-2-SVT0-BL-00200 800-18-1-2-SVT0-BL-00200 A-PC2302-030021-1 381002-D01 800-18-13D-RE-0006F P004-010 350050-LD01 800-18-39B-BL-0006F 370021-01 397002-01 800-18-0OD-GR-0003F P010-012 312016-01 AK500/Y-U 800-1600-2-SJT0-BL-00200 AC-C13 JP 313014-01 A-PC2302-050021-1 P007-002 P004-015 A-PC1802-030027-1 6051.2001 233058-01 240009-06 P006-020 A-PC2302-030026-1 800-1400-2-SJT0-BL-00200 233086-06 800-18-39B-BL-0012F GA400 313026-01 IL13-C14-SVT-3100-183 6051.2041 IL13-EU1-H05-3100-200 P005-006 P006-025 800-12-32D-BL-0003F IL13-UK1-H05-3100-200 IL13-EU1-H05-3100-400 P050-008 800-14-19D-RE-0006F 225003-01 233080-06 AC30UUK 227003-01 IL13-US2-SJT-3100-275 P014-006 233081-06 P034-008 6009.5195 P040-014 11-00020 11-00013 11-00035 AK500/16-OE-11-0.5 318002-01 11-00031 11-00029 AK500/16-OE-11-1 318007-01 313003-01 11-00030 800-1400-2-SJT0-BL-00050 11-00058 AK500/14-OE-11-1 800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00150 800-1600-2-SJT0-BL-00100 800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00250 800-1600-2-SJT0-BL-00150 6009.1315 800-14-12D-RE-0003F 4300.0920 6051.2067 AK500/14-OE-11-2 P005-12N A-PC2304-050021-1 6051.2003 800-12-32D-BL-0001F 800-14-19D-RE-0003F 6051.2007 6051.2083 6051.2043 6051.2052 6051.2050 800-18-13D-WH-0015F IL13-US1-SVT-3100-366 6051.2048 6051.2121 IL13-US2-SJT-3100-183 IL13P-US1-SJT-3160-275 11-00057 800-1600-2-SJT0-BL-00050 6051.2037 6051.2051 IL13-C14-H05-3100-200 67400-242-AB 318004-01 360006-E01 360007-01 67400-185-EB 26172-10-01 312128-01 28171-33-01 P006-004-YW 364018-06 364018-01 399012-01 28231-76-01 28131-67-01 364002-D06 P004-008 P006-006-515MF 364019-06 364019-01 P004-002-13A 233085-06 P004-004-13A P056-006-10A P004-005-13A 233057-01 240003-06 26181-67-01 28151-80-03 545B BK076 24131-910-01 AC8-DK P049-010 AK500-OE-11-1 800-0.75-2VX-BL-00200 378001-E01 398001-01 P007-003 P006-010 P006-015 P004-006-13A P005-002 P006-006-2 P005-003 A-PC2302-050027-1 P014-06N IL19-EU1-H05-3150-200 P005-006-14LA P058-006 P007-010 P018-006 IL13P-US1-SJT-3160-183 P047-002 6051.2131 P011-006 P032-002-2C13 P040-006 P019-008 P032-007 800-12-32D-BL-0010F P034-010 P007-012 P036-006 P018-010 P030-002-5 P040-012-P30 800-1804-2-SPT2-BL-00200 AK500/14-OE-11-0.5 P004-004-RD A-PC2302-020028-1 390004-01 A-PC2304-020028-1 A-PC2304-020027-1 AK500/14-OE-11-1.5 800-1.25-20M-BL-00250 240002-06 A-PC2302-050028-1 P005-18N 800-18-13D-RE-0015F IL13-EU1-H05-3100-300 A-PC2304-050027-1 P005-006-BL 800-12-32D-BL-0004F 800-12-32D-BL-0005F HFE/C15-U 800-12-32D-BL-0006F P2392X IL19-C20-H05-3150-200 IL19-C20-SJT-3160-183 IL19-UK1-H05-3150-200 P047-006 800-12-38D-BL-08.2F 0888.0221 IL13P-US1-SJT-3160-366 800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00100 A-PC2304-030021-1 A-PC2304-030028-1 6051.2061 800-18-13D-RE-0010F 800-12-32D-BL-0002F 800-12-32D-RE-0006F P036-002 P005-010-14LA 223052-01 223051-01 312024-01 P013-003 P004-002-13LA P012-006 26171-33-01 28232-76-01 11-00077 11-00078 P004-004-BL 11-00079 28132-76-01 28131-910-01 26171-67-01 P006-010-13RA 26131-67-01 2B8D825-01 233084-06 P004-003-13A P006-008-13A 26132-76-01 26171-910-01 26131-910-01 6051.2015 26151-80-03 28151-100-03 24131-67-01 26161-100-03 P036-002-20RA P036-002-20LA 1581C6NA250 26151-100-03 P005-002-ARD P018-002 P036-003-15A P032-003 P515C13BL1.5 P005-010-14RA P004-002-5 PC14C13GY1.5 PC20C13BL1.5 26161-140-03 P018-006-ARD P018-006-AOR P018-006-ABL P018-006-AWH P018-006-AGN P006-C08-HG10 P019-004 PC14C13BL1.5 P036-006-15A P047-006-10A P520C19BL1.5 P620C19BL1.5 P515C19BL1.5 PC14C13BL3 P036-010-15A P047-010 P047-004 P060-006 P019-008-C15RA P515C13GY3 PC20C13BL3 PC14C13GY3 P006-025-HG15 P052-008 P520C19BL3 P620C19BL3 P515C19BL3 PC14C13BL4 P036-010 P515C13GY6 PC20C13BL6 PC14C13BL5 P045-010 PC14C13BL10 P520C19BL6 P040-012 P070-010 P036-002-6 6003.0215 800-14-19D-RE-0004F IL13-US2-SJT-3100-366 11-00012 318005-01 223083-01 A-PC2201-030042-2 A-PC2302-020027-1 338010-01 800-1400-2-SJT0-BL-00150 233056-06 800-12-32D-BL-0008F IL19-US1-SJT-3160-183 P006-004-RD P013-006 800-1400-2-SJT0-BL-00100 A-PC2302-030028-1 800-14-24D-RE-0003F A-PC2302-030027-1 800-18-13D-WH-0010F A-PC2304-030027-1 P054-006 IL13-US1-SVT-3100-275 800-14-24D-RE-0006F P018-003 P005-006-GN 800-14-12D-RE-0002F A-PC2304-050028-1 6051.2047 800-12-32D-RE-0003F 228003-01 P004-002-AGN P004-002-AWH P004-002-ARD P004-002-AOR P004-002-ABL P004-003-ABL P004-003-AGN P004-003-AWH P004-003-AOR P004-003-ARD 364012-01 P006-004-BL P006-004-GN P004-006-AOR P004-006-AWH P004-006-AGN P004-006-ABL P004-006-ARD 312007-06 392006-01 312011-06 312010-06 397003-01 399013-01 392008-01 P006-003-HG10 P006-003-HG13CL 6051.2030 P006-014-13RA P006-006-HG10 P006-006-HG13CL 6044.0215 76000769 P005-002-ABL P005-002-AOR P005-002-AWH P005-002-AGN P013-010 P005-003-AGN P005-003-AOR P005-003-ABL P005-003-AWH P005-003-ARD P006-010-HG10 P018-002-ABL P018-002-AGN P018-002-AOR P018-002-ARD P018-002-AWH 233082-06 P018-003-ABL P018-003-AGN P018-003-AOR P018-003-ARD P018-003-AWH P006-010-HG13CL P005-006-AOR P005-006-ABL P005-006-AGN P005-006-AWH P005-006-RD P005-006-ARD P005-006-YW P006-015-HG10 P006-015-HG13CL P515C13BL3 P620C19BL6 P036-006-2C19 11-00026 FCB-3029-ULX AK500/U-3 AK500/U-3-P 11-00036 313015-01 312037-01 11-00037 RLMDT361800 RLMDT701800 AC-C13 AU 312029-01 212099-01 800-1806-2-SJT0-BL-00100 312033-01 313023-01 312041-01 313019-01 318009-01 P004-004-GN