Looking for Crimp Tool for Adam HSD-04Z-S-SD-SG-C4

HSD-04Z-S-SD-SG-C4 Looking for a crimp tool for this Adam connector.

Crimp Dimensions (mm)
Location of crimp Width Height
Position 1 5.45 +/- 0.1 5.4 +/-0.03
Position 2 5.25 +/- 0.1 5.2 +/-0.03

Hello @rtrevino1653,

Welcome to the TechForum Community! I have contacted the Product Manager to see if Adam Tech can provide the tooling part number. I will update you with the response.


Any update?

Sorry, nothing yet. Still checking.


Hello @rtrevino1653,

Sorry, this took a while to get an answer. At this time Adam Tech doesn’t provide tooling for their FAKRA connectors and some of their other products. They provide the specs needed for the tooling to crimp the part that would need to be sourced from another supplier. I don’t have a way to search for tooling based off of those specs. You will need to research and find a tooling option for the contact. And, We can not guarantee if any of the tooling we carry will work for the application as each tool is designed for specific parts and crimping specs.

This is not ideal and I apologize for the inconvenience. We are working with Adam Tech to try to get them to source tooling for their products. We have been able to get some tooling, but not much yet.

What wire awg are you using? If I locate a tool based off of the crimp specs, I will let you know. As of now, I don’t have a suitable tool to recommend.


ok wow - you can sell the connector but no way to crimp it to the wire. Thank you for letting me know.

That connector appears to use what’s known as an “open barrel” crimp style, which is extremely common and can be applied using a variety of tooling products. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers producing contacts using this crimp style to avoid specifying any one particular tool, since there are a great variety of them which can work, and the quality of the end result is as much a function of the operator/process as the tool itself. A number of resources describing the desired end result are available here and here, with other resources linked therefrom.

One’s choice of tool will depend on use context, but for non-production purposes the three linked here are inexpensive general-purpose options that allow a person to do a reasonable job of crimping open-barrel contacts of various sizes.