Looking for Die RF Switch (20 GHz)

Hi, i am looking for a RF Switch with Die package, Max Frequency is about 20 GHz. In attached pictrures, i marks it with red draws. Thank you!

Hi sonnguyen87,

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We need more information from you before we can try to offer any useful help. Do you have any documentation for this board which might give more specifics? I would expect that such die come in various form-factors, voltage ratings, switch types (number of poles/throws), minimum frequency, isolation specs, insertion loss specs, etc., so it would be useful if you had information from the board manufacturer about the type of RF switch it is designed to use and any manufacturer’s part numbers they recommend. Even if we don’t carry the specific part numbers it was designed for, at least then we might be able to identify some similar ones to consider.

Here are some parts which meet the minimum specs you provided, but we wouldn’t be able to narrow the options any more without more information.

Hi David,
I believe it is SPDT Switch (3 poles: RFC, RF1 and RF2), minimum frequency: DC; controlled voltages are 0, -3VDC.
Please advice if any suggestion in your thought.

SP = Single Pole

I know almost nothing about 20GHz RF switching but it seems unlikely a single pole switch will work for 3 pole switching.

DT = double throw, so an SPDT switch normally has only three terminals, the image shows at least nine which could be 3PDT.

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Thanks Paul, i thinks it has single pole, double throws, 3 pin controlled, other pins are grounded. The previous pictures show that pretty clear.

Hi sonnguyen87,

Here’s a link to the SPDT switches we carry that have a remote possibility of fitting on your board. However, I don’t think any of them are of the correct form-factor to fit. One can assume that the board was designed with a particular part in mind. Your best bet would be to find documentation from the designer of the board which specifies which part was meant to be used with it.