Looking for DTMF encoder/decoder IC's (eg 91214B/MT8870)

In the hobby of amateur radio, and many other radio applications, the use of audible tones like DTMF help to route radio traffic through repeaters or to “call” individual radios in the field. Often DTMF, facilitates accessing different “features” like a radio patch, or connecting to another repeater through the internet. Another example, maybe to send instructions to a remote radio to control a station (eg change output, frequency) and in some applications can even be used to make phone calls over the radio using a “phone patch”.

I am looking for an IC that can handle both encoding/decoding of Dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) tones, which is a technology used with touch tone phones, best known to users as the sound made when pressing a number key.

I came across a reference to both the 91214B and MT8870 : DIY - DTMF Tone Generator and Decoder Circuits

I did find the MT8870 as a decoder that is in stock here: https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/microchip-technology/MT8870DN1/4309768

There is also a “back order” item " DFR0308" which is a DTMF decoder shield for arduino which could be interesting. It uses the MT8870.

I am not quite sure what I could use to decode the DTMF on the remote end.

I did come across the following two items, however I have no reference materials to build the required circuits. Still a newbie.

IC: HT9200A (Not listed at Digi-Key)
Eval Board: MIKROE-4298 uses the HT9200A

Any thoughts?